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The objective of the TalentQ program is to celebrate Medill's talents and accomplishments by showcasing the school’s thought leadership and driving engagement across students, industry leaders and the broader Medill community.

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The TalentQ Fall Expo is our annual event that brings together current students, alumni and other marketing professionals to discuss trends and topics impacting the marketing world. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the TalentQ’s establishment, so save the date for November 7th 2019. More information about this event will be disclosed soon.

2019 Expo – The Power of Relationships in Marketing

We believe the focus of 2019’s TalentQ theme should highlight the talents and skills of the leaders who have successfully developed strategies to create lasting relationships across internal and external audiences. With the continuous advancement in technology and high demand for authenticity, companies are challenged to reevaluate the ways in which they develop and maintain relationships across stakeholder groups. We believe the future will be determined by those able to meet that challenge.

Medill’s quest is to understand cultural and marketing trends and their impact on connections that drive growth within the business. This is why we believe the 2019's theme encompasses 3 key attributes:

* Prominent | In essence, marketing and cultural trends are all impacting relationships in Marketing. Medill as a thought leader should face this challenge.

* All-inclusive | This theme can encompass different topics on the frontier of Marketing and engage the whole Medill community (IMC & Journalism).

* The core of Talent “Quest” | For this 10th anniversary of TalentQ, we would like to go back to the roots and inform the aspiring marketers of today’s most desirable talents and skills--those that can help build lasting relationships.

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