2018 Panel in May & June – Job Hunt And Immersion Inspiration

Job Hunt Panel Discussion: Secrets to Success from Young Alumni

We are starting to think about where we would like to be after graduation, but we don’t know quite how to get there. We’ve learned it’s important to build a personal brand and make it known to companies and recruiters. We’ve learned that networking is crucial when competing for positions at top companies. But how do we begin such a challenging and intimidating journey? Ask Recent Alumni to have your questions answered and know how to strategically approach the Job Search process.

Making A Difference: How To Make An Impact In A Business Environment

Join TalentQ and Neil Golden in an inspirational conversation to kick off Summer Immersion. Learn how to make the most of your experience this summer: We will be covering topics such as critical moments in your future marketing career and take full advantage of Immersion Quarter.

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